South Australia

how to get your ppp username and password

25/10/2017 Hello All, I've been experiementing with PPP CHAP Authentication on my Cisco lab. I am able to get it to work when using username R2 password test and username R1 password test on R1 and R2 (respectively), but when I use the secret keyword instead of the password keyword it doesn't seem to authenticate properly. ... More

how to get into your hard bricked phone

While hard-bricked means that your phone is totally screwed, but there is a small chance that you can fix it but most of the time you cannot and your last option is send it back to your dealer to get it repaired. Well you are going to cover the paperweight for the repair as you caused the damaged, as the phones warranty voids after doing some modifications. Soft-Bricked LG G2 Stuck at LG ... More

how to get rid of nausea during pregnancy fast

Get Rid Of Indigestion During Pregnancy Fatigue Nausea Stomach Pain Anatomy including the New York Times When you’re feeling unwell both your personal and professional life can suffer. The most common causes are diseases but the levels can also increase … ... More

how to find my tax file number on mygov

A Tax File Number (TFN) is a unique 9 digit number the Australian Government uses to identify you for tax and superannuation purposes. ? Do I need a Tax File Number? You’ll need a TFN take up work, open a bank account, switch jobs, join a superannuation fund, apply for Government benefits, file a tax return or claim a tax refund. If you don’t have a TFN, you may be taxed a higher rate and ... More

how to lose your arms

how to how to lose fat your arms 🔥 To most, these insects are picnic-plundering pests. To the Japanese, they represent a delicious snack. In fact, Emperor Hirohito was known to engage in a spot of entomophagy, munching away on a diet of wasps and rice. ... More

how to get glitter out of carpet

Wrap some tape around your fingers by starting a finger wrap with the sticky side out. Cover your entire hand with wrapped tape, as long as the stickyness is on the outside of your wrap. ... More

how to connect dragon age keep to xbox one

Here’s how to unlock all Dragon Age Inquisition codes and cheats. All Dragon Age Inquisition cheat codes work for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 & Xbox One versions of this awesome game. 😀 ... More

how to get a big bum fast without exercise

This plan will ONLY make your butt bigger without making your thighs bigger (How To Get A Bigger Butt Fast Exercise) Photography toys. Collect Collect this now for later. bertha 7 Day Butt Challenge (No-Squats) - Want to get a bigger butt in a week fast? Then this 7 day booty challenge plan can help you achieve that! Start building a big butt with this plan now! Photography toys. Collect ... More

how to give zarzio injection

Yesterday was Chemo 3 so I duly went off to the hospital and got plugged in to the chemo machine. I was also given the usual package of anti sickness meds, (all thanks and praise to whomever made these) steroids, antacid and mouth wash and the dreaded Zarzio … ... More

how to get file size down on animated gif

Martin Perhiniak has written a great tutorial on ways to optimise an animated GIF file. You should check it out before continuing. The main takeaway is that there are a number of important decisions to make around image size, GIF length, number of frames, number of colours and quality. By limiting your GIF in less important areas, you can maintain detail where you want it. ... More

how to keep yourself in a towards state

A nosy person is like a mosquito circling around you. Both are irritating, hard to ignore and you wish to swat them away. However, with the former, restraint is difficult but often necessary, especially if they are an acquaintance, neighbor, or worst case scenario a co-worker you see daily. ... More

terraria how to get a plantera bulb

6/06/2015 · Of all those 4 Plantera Bulb summons, I ended up dying in each and every one of them. Anyways, since the jungle is so far away, I decided to make a Plantera Bulb farm. The farm itself has 11 levels at the moment and each level is 5 blocks in height. I've been on Terraria for at least 3 hours WITH the farm COMPLETED and not a single bulb has spawned. I would like some advice on how … ... More

how to get isolated instrument tracks for remixes

Judy will listen to all of the remixes along with the Blend team in early May. She will include her favorite remixes on an official remix release on the Blend label out later this year. Let’s start collaborating with Judy’s new track and remix! ... More

how to find interquartile range on a dot plot

The ages of candidates in an election are 23, 48, 49, 55, 57, 63, and 72. Find the interquartile range of the data. ... More

how to get av shaped body at home

The most effective way to get in shape is to start low and slow, with simple exercises performed at a moderate intensity. Rather than trying to jump-start your fitness by training hard, use easy exercises that let you work for 10 minutes or more without stopping. ... More

how to fix corrupted files on mac

Best Mac data recovery software recovers whatever you lost from Mac machines & storage devices. etc. corrupt? This article explains reasons and even provides solutions here to help you repair corrupted files on hard drive and even fix corrupted external hard drive without losing any data. Follow to see how to repair your corrupted/failed storage devices without losing any data now: PAGE ... More

how to turn video into live photo

Take notice of the You’re almost done screen. Before clicking Continue, be sure to uncheck the boxes to set your search provider and homepage. ... More

how to fix gmod on steam for hp laptop

When I was playing on jailbreak I asked how to do sprays. Some kid told me to do unbindall and I had believed him. I fixed it but when I tried to press any of the F# keys ingame, You know to get to the shop or something, it just stopped working. ... More

how to find out total resistance

Now to reform the image, you start out by the positive terminal of the baterry which is connected to the red potential. The 2 and 6 ohm resistances connect the red potential to the black while the 3 ohm connects it direct to the blue. Moreover, the 1.5 ohm connects the black and the blue resistances. Its is depicted below wherein you can easily solve for the net resistance or current.Sorry for ... More

parsons state insane asylum how to get in

Reports from the 1800s and early 1900s about the abuse of patients in insane asylums are enough to make the strongest person want to vomit. The patients were often kept in the most horrendous conditions and, in some cases, were treated far worse than any mistreated farm animal. ... More

how to get sponsored by apex

Sponsorship-giving levels are below. This is an opportunity to support Downtown Apex revitalization, help provide support for Alzheimers research, expose your brand to over 20,000 adults with an affluent demographic and interact with potential customers. ... More

how to give feedback to boss

Yes, you read that right: how to give your boss feedback. Its called upward feedback, and theres nothing wrong with it. In fact, any good boss should make their employees feel that theyre able to voice their concerns. In reality, however, most bosses dont like it. It makes them ... More

how to keep fruits and veggies fresh

4/09/2016 Say goodbye to immediately overripe bananas and moldy berries; these tips will help you keep food fresh for longer and stop wasting groceries. ... More

lotro how to get to dead marshes

“This will be LOTRO’s first class since the Mines of Moria expansion introduced the Warden and Rune-keeper. “Beornings are noted in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as a race of Man, with close ... More

how to get ab positive blood type

9/12/2018 · A child with Rhesus-negative blood -- more commonly called Rh-negative blood -- lacks the Rh-factor, a protein located on the surface of red blood cells, according to the American Pregnancy Association. People with this protein have Rh-positive blood, while those without it have Rh-negative blood ... More

how to get to eaton centre

Eaton Fair Shopping has recently expanded and now has long trading hours. I love the 24 hour Kmart, and Woolworhs open from 7am to 9pm daily. There's a Michael Hill Jewellers,Coles, DBC butchers, Chicken Treat, Dominos Pizza, Priceline, Red dot etc. ... More

how to join dishwasher waste hoses

This 2 Metre length PVC outlet drain hose is designed to comfortably handle the pressure and temperatures required for both washing machines and dishwashers and offers a 10 year Guarantee. ... More

how to get views on behance

We have a dedicated group of people who review every project published on Behance every day to find the most innovative projects that creatives like you have to offer. For tips on how to get featured and the philosophy behind our curation, see this blog post. ... More

how to find out your ideal weight

Have you ever wondered what your dog's ideal dog weight should be? Take 5 minutes to find out now! Our dog weight calculator will provide your dog’s ideal dog weight. ... More

how to find the perfect mattress for you

Discover everything there is to know when making a mattress selection; from how to differentiate between the main types of mattresses on the market today, to the questions you should be asking to make the best choice, plus much more. Download our helpful guide on How to Find the Perfect Mattress today and discover the difference a quality ... More

how to grow peony poppy from seed

Of all the species in the Papaver genus, I think I like peony poppies the best. Perhaps you know them by a different name, for they are also called lettuce leaf … ... More

xbox 360 mega man games how to get

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the is the points given for each achievement. ... More

how to find out my centrelink crn number

Account holders concession card number Centrelink cards CRN Veterans Affairs cards File number V to find out how to apply. Where do I send my form? If you have: multiple sclerosis lymphoedema Parkinsons disease fibromyalgia post-polio syndrome/poliomyelitis motor neuron disease. Please send your form to your electricity retailer. If you cannot find the ... More

how to give a sponge bath to a newborn baby

Bathing newborns and sponge baths For newborns a bath is a great way to soothe and relax your baby before sleep. Many newborns love the sensory feeling of being in a warm bath – others take a while to get used to bathing and may even startle if they feel cold after a warm bath. ... More

how to make a water rocket go higher

You can make many modifications to your water bottle rocket to make it more powerful, aerodynamic and efficient, maximizing the height it reaches and the amount of time it stays in the air. ... More

how to get a government grant for a car

However you may be eligible for a grant in certain circumstances, such as business expansion, research and development, innovation or exporting. You can search a full database of federal, state and local government grants using the grant finder on the website. ... More

how to get thorugh lake acilty

City and county licenses. Business Licensing Service now processes business license applications for many cities. This means you may be able to use the Business License Application and the City Business License Addendum to apply for city licenses at … ... More

how to grow celosia flowers

Plants need about 1 inch of rain per week during the growing season. Use a rain gauge to check to see if you need to add water. It's best to water with a drip or trickle system that delivers water at low pressure at the soil level. If you water with overhead sprinklers, water early in the day so the foliage has time to dry off before evening, to minimize disease problems. Keep the soil moist ... More

how to get cake out of pyrex bowl

Slide an offset cake frosting spatula down between the bowl and the cake and around the perimeter, being careful not to make any sudden movements that might injure the cake. Remove the Pyrex bowl carefully, rapping it gently with your knuckles to loosen the cake if necessary. ... More

how to leave a discord server without anyone knowing

Discord is a web (and client) service that allows people to connect through chat and voice For business and a general hub for any kind of community For startups and anyone trying to grow a community ... More

how to find new things

Search for experts. If you can't find the information you need online, it may reside in the brain of an expert. Luckily, the web can help you reach him or her. ... More

how to keep straight face while telling jokes

What Type of Joke Should You Tell? Some of us are great storytellers, some have great comedic timing. Some of us prefer intellectual humor, while others are happy with a quick, silly jab that makes people laugh for just a moment. ... More

how to get rid of spotting after period

The color of blood spotting before your period can vary from pink, dark red, brownish to dark brown. Bright red spots indicate fresh blood, while pink is dilute blood. Brown blood indicates old blood, while black is very old blood. ... More

how to get v cut abs exercises

Perform at least three arm and shoulder strength training exercises during every workout. This helps keep the focus of your training on the area you want to define. This helps keep the focus of your training on the area you want to define. ... More

mt pinatubo how to get there

Mt. Pinatubo is located at the boundary of 3 provinces: Tarlac, Pampanga and Zambales, almost 150 kilometers north of Manila. There is no direct public transportation to go the the base camp, that's why a package tour is convenient. The ride from Manila will take around 3 hours using the North Luzon Expressway and SCTEX.; ... More

how to find a christian doctor

A Christian Perspective. Chuck Swindoll points out that when we need the assistance of trained people, such as a mechanic or a plumber, we have no hesitation in calling them, so why should we have a different attitude to doctors? ... More

how to volt jump pubg

7/07/2013 · I do this often. If your 6v battery isn't completely dead, the safe way is turn on the ignition key to give juice to the points and jump the 12 volt battery directly to … ... More

how to keep my house

When it comes to homemaking, I have this problem...I like to leave things until "later." Here's how I changed the way I think and learned how to keep my house clean once and for all. ... More

how to get to juneau from seattle

Juneau, not Anchorage is the State of Alaskas' capital city. Situated between steep mountains and the Gastineau Channel and served by Alaska Marine ferries, Juneau is the hub where travellers crossing the gulf on the ferries from Whittier and Homer connect to ferries travelling north down the Inside Passage to Bellingham Washington, or south to Skagway ... More

how to leave bad habits in telugu

29/11/2018 · The tax forced hundreds of thousands of expats to leave the kingdom, hitting the economy hard. ... More

how to find spam folder in outlook

Click the "Outlook Express" icon to open the program. Click the "Go" menu and click "Folder List." Click the "Junk e-mail" folder in the folder list. ... More

how to get student allowance

The allowance is based on calculations for a family that has children attending approved school of the air functions, not on a per student basis. The allowance will be paid for attendance at a maximum of two approved school of the air functions each year from your child's main residence to the function. ... More

how to get og minecraft names

24/11/2018 · Get a name tag by trading with white-robed villagers (librarians) or fishing. Then, craft an anvil out of 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots (if you don't have one yet). Right click on the anvil and place your name tag. Above the three slots found in the anvil GUI, you'll see a bar that contains the item's name in it. Click on it, and type the name for your dog. Once you have renamed your name ... More

how to find value in column panda dataframe

Related Examples. Pandas Count distinct Values of one column depend on another column; How to read specific columns of csv file using Pandas? How to Convert Dictionary into DataFrame? ... More

how to get any pokemon in pokemon y 2017

At the moment, there doesnt appear to be any rhyme or reason to the appearance of Shiny Pokemon (which is also the case in the main Pokemon games). You just have to get lucky. It is worth ... More

innocent bane how to get evolution stones

To get into the Evidence Room: Enter the “EXIT” door to the left of the holding cells and go through the vent directly beneath the double doors. There’s a powerful artifact (Song of the ... More

how to make small eyes look bigger naturally

Dip a small blending brush into the shadow and apply to the inner corner of your eye and along your brow bone for a natural, bright highlight. Tip For an evening look, build up the darker eye shadow along the crease and slightly up above the crease with a second layer of product. ... More

windows xp how to get desktop icons back

Half-way down is the box you want to uncheck, adjacent to “Use large icons”. Change that setting, then click “Okay” and close up the windows. Now your icons should be smaller: Change that setting, then click “Okay” and close up the windows. ... More

how to get the snakey staff in castle crashers

Castle Crashers Contest Entry- Epic Orchestral piece fit for a menu screen or cinematic. ... More

how to get over tanning bed burn

You lie in the bed, close it over, and wait till your time is up. Its sole purpose is to make you tan faster than you would if you were in the sun. Some people go if they're allergic to the sun. Its sole purpose is to make you tan faster than you would if you were in the sun. ... More

how to look cool men

The Manliest Cool Beard Styles of 2018. Back in the ancient times, having a beard was a sign of wealth and status for Egyptians, and a sign of mourning for Romans. But in the present time, it is more of a fashion statement than a status symbol. For most men, it is an ultimate style accessory that is cheap, versatile and adaptable. Beards can change the shape of a man’s face and it can ... More

how to know your losing fat

Youll also want to know youre losing fat, obviously. If youre trying to build muscle, you want to ensure youre not also gaining fat. Building muscle requires eating more , which inherently increases your risk of gaining fat. ... More

how to find cdf of discrete random variable

Discrete Uniform Random Variables are used to model a scenario where a discrete random variable can take values that are equally distributed (with equal probability) in an interval. The underlying discrete uniform distribution is denoted by ... More

how to fix a iphone 5s charger

... More

how to get out of margin view word

We'll adjust the Top margin for our report. The ruler bar on the left of the screen currently looks like this: The ruler bar on the left of the screen currently looks like this: As you can see, there's a blue area to the left, and underneath a white area (this is grey and white in Word 2010). ... More

how to get rid of homegroup icon windows 8.1

Windows 8 HomeGroup desktop icon bug. There is a common bug concerning the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System that will cause the HomeGroup icon to appear at random on the Windows ... More

how to get focus on studies

Our research projects focus on online focus groups, meaning that you get a better opportunity for input, and better rewards. ... More

how to find gardian temples easyily in mc

It is not easy. It is not a gift given, but a choice made, and the choice may be a hard one. The road goes upward towards the light; but the laden traveler may never reach the end of it.” It is not a gift given, but a choice made, and the choice may be a hard one. ... More

how to get the activation lock

Its a software that will allow you to get access again to your iPhone or iPad without needing your special login (this is called a icloud activation lock bypass). ... More

how to get deleted messages on kik

/ iPhone / recover deleted kik chats, recover deleted kik data, recover deleted kik messages, recover kik messages, recover kik messages iphone, recover kik photos There are many reasons you may lose data on the mobile phone. ... More

how to find dns suffix of my computer

I have set up the DNS suffix on the Fortigate, however this actually only fills in the "Append these DNS suffixes (in order:" fields which is used for name resolution from the client machine. The registering of the client's hostname to DNS doesn't happen until we put in the "DNS suffix for this connection:" ... More

how to get rid of a plugged milk duct

How to Clear a Clogged Milk Duct for Breastfeeding Moms . how to removal blackhead and how to get rid of blackhead blackhead on nose #107 . Overwatch Tonsil Stones! Tonsil Stone Removal Tools . Top 10 Best Tonsil Stone Pops! What is a Tonsil Stone ... More

how to get your boyfriends attention long distance

Get a Busy Boyfriend's Attention If Your Boyfriend is Always Busy with Work or School vs Always Tired vs a Busy Professional Athlete We are in a long distance relationship but not that far, the problem is that when I call him, he sometimes doesn't pick up, or he will say I will call you back, but he won't return my calls, when we are sometimes chatting, he doesn't reply but his online. I'm ... More

how to find out whats draining my wifi data

30/04/2018 To find this setting, select the Start button, then select Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular > Data roaming options. Use cellular instead of Wi-Fi Sometimes you might be connected to a slower Wi-Fi network, or you might be in an area where using cellular data would be faster than Wi-Fi. ... More

how to make your kids listen

Similarly, having raised my kids, I sure know the reasons why they don’t listen, and what I need to do to make them listen. That’s what I would love to share with … ... More

how to get over jealousy

If thoughts of jealousy are plaguing your life, it may be time to take a step back and ask yourself why you are constantly comparing yourself to others. Dr. Jo Anne White says in an article on "WebMD" that jealousy reflects your view of yourself, demonstrating that you are not truly confident in who you are. ... More

how to keep solar panels cool

Solar panels keep buildings cool, study shows. Solar photovoltaic panels installed on rooftops do more than supply clean power, they also act as "roof shades" to keep buildings cool. ... More

how to get rid of pimples oily skin

6 ways to get rid of oily skin! Learn more about oily skin: causes, symptoms and read our easy at-home treatments to reduce oily skin and prevent acne! ... More

meraki webinar complete how to get kit

The Meraki sales cycle TRY out the gear for free with a webinar promo AP or a trial of any Cisco Meraki product BUY any Cisco Meraki product and experience a new generation of networking The product experience distinguishes Cisco Meraki from competitors. and makes the sales cycle as simple as SEE > TRY > BUY MERAKI DASHBOARD DEMO SEE the unparalleled visibility and control of the Meraki ... More

how to say go to hell in greek

Hades is the Greek term translated "hell" in the New Testament. Hades is similar to Sheol. It is described as a prison with gates, bars, and locks, and its location is downward. Hades is … ... More

how to find kik users in my area

Over 200,000 kik users and keep growing! Join one of the largest online community to find and meet real people on Kik messenger app. Add your information and start exploring the online people on K Users. ... More

how to go auburn from the star

Auburn Football Recruiting: Under Armour All-America Game Preview Auburn fans can get an early look at some of the big time talent coming to the Plains next year. ... More

how to keep a bouquet of flowers alive

The next step to keeping your flowers alive is, you have to feed them. Usually when you purchase a bouquets from a florist, a small package is attached in the wrapping. ... More

how to feed your fish cooked peas

People feed there female betta fish peas mostly when there pregnant for a healthy diet because I have a pregnant fish that sits at the bottom of the tank and comes up when I put food in the tank sometimes most of the time I have to push the food down with my finger. ... More

how to find an attorneys bar number

... More

how to keep your whois domain name information private

Private Domain Registration How Anonymous Domain Registration Works. Internet privacy is always a top issue for web developers. When people register their domain name, it will often be listed online with all of their personal information. ... More

how to grow native cherry tree

BLACK CHERRY Prunus serotina Ehrh. Plant Symbol = PRSE2 Contributed by: USDA NRCS National Plant Data Center & the Biota of North America Program Alternate Names Wild black cherry, mountain black cherry, rum cherry Uses Black cherry wood is a rich reddish-brown color and is strong, hard, and close-grained – one of the most valued cabinet and furniture woods in North America. It is also used ... More

how to find gas leak inside wall

Leaks can occur in many different hidden places around the home, making them hard to find. If you find a leak, there are many do-it-yourself videos online that can show you how to fix most problems. ... More

ark how to give yourself modded items

Detail: Adds the item specified by it’s item id into one of your item slots. If the item does not support stacking, items after the first will be dumped into your inventory. Specifying an invalid slot id will dump all the item(s) into your inventory. Item quality will always be 0 … ... More

how to get rid of html at end of url

19/04/2017 Sub RemoveLinks() While ThisDocument.Hyperlinks.Count > 0 ThisDocument.Hyperlinks(1).Delete Wend End Sub Give me a heads up on how use macros. Use to use them in letters and things, copy addresses to envelope, add date, etc., but forgot how. ... More

how to use find my iphone without icloud

“I would like to know whether it is possible to reset iPhone running iOS 11 to factory settings without an iCloud password. I only want to delete an iCloud account from my iPhone and create a new one but I don’t have the old iCloud account passcode. ... More

how to get mould out of car

Another instance of mould growth was a valetor who rang me saying he had a car back with mould growing on the seat belts. It ended up being that he used TFR to clean the door shuts and it had splashed onto the seat belts which caused the mould. ... More

how to get contacts from gmail to iphone

Go to Settings on your iPhone, get into Accounts & Passwords section and tap on Gmail. Now, enable Contacts Sync for your Gmail account by moving the slider. Once you’re done, you need to get into device’s settings again. ... More

how to update windows live mail

30/05/2009 Hi there when i click check for updates in windows live mail it takes me to microsoft update and ask me to install it. windows vista dose not use that ... More

how to keep carpenter ants out of house

6/07/2016 Because carpenter ants like to make their nests in wood both inside and outside of buildings, finding and eliminating infested wood outside your wood can keep ants from making their way into your house. Carefully inspect any sources of wood near your home - if infested, move or carefully dispose of these wood sources. Places to look include: ... More

how to follow someone on facebook without notifying them

do people get ntifies when you follow/unfollow them on facebook if I follow someone on Facebook and unfollowed them will they be notified if i unfollow of facebook and they tag me ... More

how to give alias email to staff

13/07/2018 · Click the My Alias Tab, and then Add Alias to create your alias listing. Please follow the instructions on Email Self Service Tool document to create an Alias. Note: You can have up to 5 aliases. ... More

how to get the goodbye challenge in mwr

I want to get the assassin kit on snipers in modern warfare remastered but I dont know how to earn parts! thank you for your answers :) ... More

how to get lego batman 3 for free no torrent

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Full PC Game Overview. Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Download Free Full Game is a Lego-themed action-adventure video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in November 2014 for multiple platforms. ... More

how to get to collisium look out

[4538] kWeuCkNHsKIteg 投稿者:Dominique 投稿日:2008/10/24(Fri) 11:03 These are all great comments and suggestions (and more are welcome). ... More

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how to get ripped as a teenager

5 tips and tricks to get ripped abs for summer. 5 Tips to Get Ripped Abs for Summer Put these 5 tips to getting ripped abs together and you will be well on your way to turning heads with your washboard stomach this summer.

how to get more deep and rem sleep

Hi all, I am really struggling to get more deep sleep. I am usually in bed for around 8 hours, and am not awake much throughout the night. I just can not seem to get into deep sleep.

how to get splinter from under nail

I somehow got a splinter of wood stuck under my fingernail. I pulled out most of it, but there is still a small piece of wood under my nail. Myfinger is continually throbbing and there is a lot of pain. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help control the pain and stop the throbbing.

how to kill maiev legion

Illidan by William King is a good book – not just a good World of Warcraft book. I really enjoyed it. It’s a fast paced exciting read. Illidan Stormrage, Maiev Shadowsong, and Vandel, a demon hunter, are the three characters that really stood out for me in this book.

how to get crazy colour hair dye off skin

The key to getting your hair ready for some crazy colors is to get it to the yellow stage. I would recommend using bleach with a 20 or 30 vol developer with NO HEAT on your mid-lengths, first. Wait about 30 mins and then apply to your roots and ends for about 20 mins. If you really have to, use a 40 vol developer if your hair is extremely resistant, but I really would not recommend using a 40

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Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 3H1

Scotland: Aberdeen SCO, Paisley SCO, Dundee SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Edinburgh SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 8B9

Wales: Newport WAL, Barry WAL, Wrexham WAL, Swansea WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 3D2